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Wildlife Good Morning

May 10, 2008

Morning with an Irish Hare

corey says…As I puttered around the house early this morning, I heard the cuckoo in the valley…the bird has a very distinct sound and repeats its “cuckoo” over and over. There was one round where it must have gone on for two minutes. The song is low and pleasing, so I didn’t tire of it.

I decided to step outside to get a better listen. The cottage was enveloped by fog today…the first day since I arrived. There must have been a little rain last night, so there is a lot of moisture in the air. Fortunately, the temperature is pleasant…on a cold day, the damp air would feel miserable.

When I stepped out, I was greeted again by the Irish hare that must live on the hill. This is the third time I’ve seen him in six days. I took a few photos, but it’s hard to tell how those will turn out with the fog.

I was quite busy yesterday working on a freelance job…I’m on deadline this weekend, so that will take up a large chunk of time…I kind of hope the weather stays foggy…it’ll be much easier to sit at my computer. The gig should be wrapped up by Tuesday, and then I think I might head out on a roadtrip.

To download some important files yesterday, I headed into Nenagh early…before 8:30. The town is quite quiet at that hour. By the time I finished my internet work three hours later, the town was bustling. All the carparks were full and the shops were very busy. Fridays and Saturdays tend to be very busy days in town.

When I finished up in town, I decided to go home by way of Tony’s to see how he’s handling his cold. When I arrived, he actually seemed to be doing better than the night before. He was sticking close to home finishing up projects there.

I helped him move a dresser into the room his parents were going to be sleeping in next week, and we took turns holding the mounted buck Tony had shipped over from home against the wall attempting to choose the right location. It was the first deer he had ever shot, and he decided it should hang in Ireland. The term stag seems to be more common here than buck.

When I came home, I got right to work on the bathroom. It needed a paint job.

As I brushed on the “Golden Honey” paint, I tried to remember how many coats of paint I put on those walls over the last 12 years. At least eight in just the bathroom alone. Of course the first year we painted those walls from the mossy green color to warm orange, it took a good three coats just to cover it.

The paint went on well and quite quickly. It wasn’t long before I was finishing up the tricky spots behind the sink and toilet. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do…especially here where the moisture and damp tends to make walls go dingy quite quickly.

As the paint dried, I hand-washed the shower curtain…it’s 100% cottage, and boy oh boy, does it get heavy when it’s wet. I tried hanging it outside, but the clothesline was too low and the curtain kept hitting the grass, which leave green stains.

I hauled the curtain back in the cottage and rewashed it. I overpowered the stains!

In the evening, Tony stopped by for some more Killinaskully. Although it wasn’t too cold, he built a fire in the sitting room. We watch our program and ate pizza and drank tea. The room was very warm and cozy with the fire going.

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