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Work on Nenagh Castle

May 11, 2008

Work on Nenagh Castle

corey says…After my morning visit with the cuckoo and the hare, I was off to town to get my work done. I managed to finish things up at around noon, so I took a walk around town.

As I wandered around, I started thinking how I wished Nenagh would go for Ireland’s Tidy Town. It’s an absolutely gorgeous town, but for every well-maintained building there’s a shabby one right next door. One serious year of Tidy Town contention, and they committee would have all that fixed up. Oh well, maybe some day.

I wandered by the caste which is undergoing some major preservation work, so its exterior is completely covered in scaffolding. I’m very curious to see what it will be like when they are done. For years, one could only view it from the outside. I hope they’ll let us inside when all the work is done. It’s one of the best…and largest…circular keeps in Ireland.

Then it was back up the mountain to do more work. As I was sitting at the kitchen table, The hare hopped by the window. Figuring I’ll be seeing a lot of him this summer, I named him Fergal.

I have to say, hares are very beautiful creatures…much larger and more muscular than the average rabbit.

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