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93 The Auld Sod, US Immigration & Customs Pre-Clearance and Holly Kirby

September 2, 2009

Episode Guide – Podcast #93 The Auld Sod, US Immigration & Customs Pre-Clearance and Holly Kirby

We talk about Ireland’s new Pre-Clearance facility, chat about Irish dirt with Pat Burke, mention QVC’s Ireland shopping event and listen to Holly Kirby perform Carrickfergus.

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Show Notes


Intro Song: The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin & Noel McQuaid


US Immigration & Customs Pre-Clearance Facility opens at Shannon Airport.


Aer Lingus has chosen not to participate in the program until the Dublin facility opens.

Our post on the topic Aer Lingus, You’re Killin’ Me, and Pat Preston’s post Shannon Airport’s New Pre-Clearance Facilities Are Open, But Not For Aer Lingus Passengers.


Airlines participating in Shannon’s Pre-Clearance Facility include Delta, Continental and US Airways


Recent blog topics:


Pat Burke from Official Irish Dirt


QVC Irish Event on September 9, 2009


Interview with Pat Burke


Holly Kirby performs Carrickfergus.



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