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Aer Lingus Changes Baggage Policy

July 3, 2009

corey says… Starting July 14th, Aer Lingus will change its baggage policy for long-haul flights (including, those between the US and Ireland). One bag is free. Additional bags will cost $50 per bag.

Details at

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  1. Judy permalink
    July 3, 2009 6:28 PM

    Apparently all the corporate executives in the world flunked Economics 101. When people are not using your product, you don’t raise the price. Hello?

  2. Thomas G. Byrne permalink
    July 13, 2009 2:21 PM

    I could almost (but not really) understand when airlines started imposing extra fees when the cost of gas in the US was $4, but that was last year. Have any of them rescinded those fees? I suspect not. The folks that pickup my trash still put a “fuel surcharge” on the bill…note to self: complain to them about that!

    I’ve never needed to check more than one bag on a trip to Ireland, but heck I know plenty of folks who would have to make the choice of buying extra stuff (and supporting the Irish economy) or avoiding a checked bag fee.

    Exactly what special treatment will those extra bags get that is worth $50?

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