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Ireland’s Bank Holiday

June 5, 2009

liam says…

The June Bank Holiday in Ireland…the first Monday of the month…Ireland’s favorite excuse to not get things done. The long weekend itself is great, much like Memorial Day back in the States…a time for friends and family and relaxation.

However, in the week leading up to the Bank Holiday, it’s a different story. It seems any request made of a shopkeeper, tradesperson, insurance agent or government official gets some form of “well, with the bank holiday and all, we probably won’t be getting you that until Tchews-day.” It really doesn’t matter what your request might be, it won’t get done this week.

Requests made in the week before Bank Holiday also automatically void any promises made previously. Don’t even bother saying, “But you told me last week you’d have it in.”

They’ll give you a confused, concerned look and gently say, “Well, it’s the Bank Holiday, you see.” Hopeless.

And don’t think showing up on the Tuesday after the holiday will help your cause. You’ll get the same confused, concerned stare… this time, the eyes will be weary with a hangover, and you’ll hear the same, “Well, with the Bank Holiday and all.”

The Perfect Bank Holiday

Fortunately, I didn’t have any pressing concerns. I tipped up around the cottage and was invited to another 1pm dinner at Mehal and Anna Mae’s. Then a parade of visitors and tea, Tony from Glown and young James from Foilduff.

When I returned to Knockahopple Cottage over fed and over watered, I went to work tying up my rose bush. I cherish that rose. It’s the only one of three that I planted that survived, and it is getting huge.

Since it’s a climber, I needed to drill holes in the side of the cottage, secure screws and run wires to support the plant. The hardest part was avoiding getting ripped to shreds by the big thorns. I walked away with only minor scratches and a very secure rose bush.

Afterwards, I went off on a walk through the valley of Cuneen, just down the road. There’s a forestry road up there I enjoy. I reached the top of the hill in time to stop and watch the sun set. Then, it was a slow walk home. One advantage of summer in Ireland is the long hours of daylight. When I reached the cottage, there was still a sliver of light in the sky.

Such a wonderful June Bank Holiday.

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  1. Sue Freeman permalink
    June 5, 2009 9:46 AM

    I’ve visited Ireland 6 times so far and it’s my dream to live there. Just reading Irish Fireside makes me long for that time with tears in my eyes. Thanks for the taste of “home”.

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