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Arrival at Knockahopple

May 27, 2009

Arrival at Knockahopple, originally uploaded by IrishFireside.

liam says…The start of my blogging from Ireland…

I arrived safe and sound at Knockahopple on Sunday. The sun was shining and it was truly a perfect day in Ireland.

I enjoyed one of the most relaxing flights ever. At Chicago O’Hare I paid the extra $40 to enjoy the lounge. I didn’t partake of the free liquor, but I did enjoy the snacks, water, newspapers and peace and quiet (it was the relaxing environment that was worth the price of admission).

I think I might add this to my regular routine (FYI – Aer Lingus requires that you have a Gold Circle Club Membership to get in the lounge – it’s easy to sign up online).

On the plane, the comfort continued. I scored an exit row, so my long legs were stretched out, and I had an empty seat next to me (that never happens!). Plane had many empty seats…and most of the passengers were Irish not Americans.

When I arrived, I discovered it was a bank holiday in the UK, so there are a lot of British tourists in Ireland right now (Ireland’s bank holiday is next weekend). As a result, it was slim pickings for car rentals.

I’m not too fond of my rental and will give them a call later in the week to swap it with a different one. Over the years, I’ve learned that they usually have a couple different types of cars in the same class category…it’s luck of the draw on which ones they will have available.

My flight arrived at 5:15am, so from the airport I drove to Nenagh to pick up groceries at the 24-hour Tesco. It was closed. Did I mention it was the 24-hour Tesco?

In Knockahopple

On the way up the mountain to Knockahopple, I spotted my cousin Mehal checking his cattle. His first words, “Welcome Home”…then without a breath, he teased “When ye leaving?” God I love how nothing changes here. As expected, he invited me down for breakie. Yes, he used the word breakie…I think the time his nieces and nephews have spent in Australia has been wearing off on him.

I stopped in at Knockahopple. God bless Sadie who cleans up the place for me…it was spotless. I first made a fire and a cup of tea. Then, went down to the cousins at 9:00 for that breakie.

Oh, we had some great Craic. I’m bringing one of the neighbors, Tom, back with me to the US for a holiday. It will be his first trip to the United States, and he is EXTREMELY excited.

I guess you could say Tom is “old Ireland,” (even though he’s got a cell phone and all the modern conveniences). This trip across the ocean is a very big deal for him.

All the neighbors are jumping in and giving him “advice” for his big journey. Mentions of getting new teeth for the journey and adult diapers for the long flight have been mentioned. They’ve even asked him if he’s considered taking a gun…trying to convince him that American’s all carry guns, but Tom’s not convinced.

Their teasing is all in good fun, and it’s their way of being a part of his trip. Everyone is looking forward to Tom’s return to hear his perceptions of America.

I’m using the free wi-fi at the Nenagh library right now…there are four of us stacked up on a little round table, so I’ll close for now and let someone else take my seat and my wedge of the table.

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