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Pat’s In Ireland

May 14, 2009

corey says…Pat Preston from has arrived in Ireland, and she has started her Spring Blog. You can follow along as she prepares for the arrival of her tour group. Be sure to leave her a comment.

Travis and Kathy from the Engaging Ireland Podcast are also on their way to Ireland this week…and Liam leaves next week…and our friend Tony leaves the week after that. I wonder if I should be feeling a little left behind.

Safe travels to everyone heading to Ireland this season. Bon voyage.

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  1. Kim Hathaway permalink
    May 16, 2009 10:19 AM

    Hi Liam and Corey

    I have been re-reading and listening to all the podcasts and blogs. I am headed back with my mom daughter and two nieces. We are touring again for part of the trip and part will be visiting the family. Your blog and podcasts are so informative I want to be “the Irish Expert” with my group so I am studying quit a bit!!

    My cousin Brendan is planning a BBQ for us with all the family there at his home in Athlone. His son works at “Seans” alleged the oldest pub in Europe. He promises great photo ops including all of the girls behind the bar pouring a pint. Our first two nights are in Kilkenny and his oldest son just happens to be there then so is going to meet us with the Rugby Team, the girls should be thrilled.

    I saw that you will be there the same time. I’d love to come by and see Knockahopple, but I think we may have too much crammed in again to the visit. Gives me another reason to go back.

    Have a great summer and I will send a note about our travels when I get back.

    Bon Voyage to you, .

    Sorry Corey, but I am sure your are headed that way too so don’t pout. Good luck on the Roads Scholar app. You would be a great selection for them.

  2. May 18, 2009 3:43 PM

    Hi Kim,

    You must be so excited about your trip!!! Liam is getting geared up for his as well.

    One of these days, we’ll all meet up for tea in Ireland…no Belleek tea cups at Knockahopple, but the ambiance is steeped with tradition.

    Safe travels!


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