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A Closer Look at…My Socks

March 27, 2009

corey says…I think it’s safe to say that all of us around the Irish Fireside have tried something just because it is made in Ireland. We just can’t resist items from the “old sod,” right?

Well, that’s how I found myself wearing Bridgedale socks. Bridgedale has been knitting socks in Northern Ireland since 1910. That said, these aren’t your great-grandparents wool socks! They’ve got quite the lineup.

For the last six weeks, my feet have been cozying up to Bridgedales at least three days a week. The verdict…oh, I could get used to these.

Many of their socks are made for serious mountain hiking and other important activities… like walking and Irish-American Roadtripping 😉

Luckily, I had two pairs, a heavier new wool blend and a lighter bamboo pair…having both proved useful on the roadtrip when we’d be in the desert one day and on a snowy mountaintop the next.

The socks have held up very well so far. The bamboo pair are showing some loose threads along the toe, but no signs of holes or wear. The true test…my feet don’t sweat in either of these socks…or at least they aren’t holding the moisture. Whew! Triumph!

So here’s on instance where I went with the emotional choice…in choosing socks of all things…and turned out very happy. And the good news the socks are available worldwide…not just in Newtownards, County Down. There’s more info at

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