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The Magic of the Rock of Cashel

March 24, 2009

Rock of Cashel, originally uploaded by Ashok (Chunangadan).

liam says…At least once a week in the summer, I’ll be driving along the Tipperary countryside, and the Rock of Cashel will pop into view.

Depending on my route, it might appear steadfast on the horizon directly in front of me… or it might be more elusive and I might only catch a sliver of it between the hedgerows… or when I’m driving through the village of Cashel, I could very well miss it if I don’t look directly above me.

The Rock of Cashel is funny that way. It almost seems alive, and blogger Mindie Burgoyne would probably agree. She seeks out places where the natural world and the spiritual world seem to overlap. And of course, Ireland is one destination laden with “thin place,” as she likes to call them.

Read what she wrote about the Rock of Cashel here.

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  1. March 10, 2010 10:29 AM

    This is the best photo I’ve seen of the Rock of Cashel. Beautiful! Thanks!

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