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Leprechaun Hunting…18th Video from the Road

March 2, 2009

corey says…I’ve taken a week off from the blog to first take a breath after our trip and second to visit my family in Michigan, so thanks for hanging in there.

We’ve got more roadtrip videos to share, but we’ve been having some trouble with YouTube lately…the High Quality and High Definition video options haven’t been working. In fact, the YouTube video quality is worse than ever…not sure why that is.

We decided to post the videos regardless…please excuse the image quality. We’re hoping YouTube manages to adjust it soon.

This clip even includes a preview of Liam’s upcoming jazz CD…have a listen.

Watch in High Quality at

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  1. March 3, 2009 6:25 AM

    Oh, my we are spoiled by all of your great entries. This was terrible picture quality. U-tube get your **** together! The best part was Liam’s song at the end. I want that CD, it was great. netta

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