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February 21, 2009

Brrrr, originally uploaded by IrishFireside.

Corey says….Sigh. Woke up to cold and snow this morning. A sure sign the roadtrip I coming to an end.

The end is bittersweet. A big part of me would love to keep going, especially knowing there will me at least a month of cold weather waiting for me in Milwaukee. But it’ll also be nice to be in my own bed, have a reliable Internet connection and some time to amp up my availability for billable hours.

The whole concept has me thinking about some new goals for 2009/10. This is the first time it’s crossed my mind that I don’t have freeze in the winter. Am I destined for a vagabond’s life? Shall I wear the snowbird label with pride? I guess that’s something to think about on those chilly Milwaukee evenings at the end of February.

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  1. Scott permalink
    February 21, 2009 12:01 PM

    Sorta sad to see the trip winding down… but I’m sure you’ll be glad to return to the comforts of home where you can start thinking about your next adventure. 🙂

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