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Back in Iowa

February 20, 2009

Browne’s Irish Market, originally uploaded by IrishFireside.

corey says…Well, Yesterday we crossed Kansas. Until the very eastern portion, it’s a rather flat state with lots of open, windy fields. We made a stop in Hays to visit the fort there. That was an interesting stop. Although the exhibits avoided any heavy comment on the treatment of the Native Americans, the stop reminded me that even just over a hundred years ago, Native American culture was very different from what it is now…and viewed very differently by European-Americans.

Along the way, we also stopped in Abeline, KS. Interesting town with a lot of Antique shops and mansions. We arrived too late for any of the tours, but I must say, I’d like to get a peek inside them.

When we finally arrived in Kansas City, MO, we were feeling pretty tired and debated about making a stop at the Raglan Road Pub. As you probably noticed by my post last night, we were very pleased we stopped in. The place is really amazing and the food was among the best we’ve had on the trip (sorry Subway and McDonald’s 😉

This afternoon we called in on John and Kerry at Browne’s Irish Market in Kansas City. Unfortunately, Kerry was out sick today, but John was a brilliant host. I was impressed that the shop has been in the family for four generations. It’s managed to change with the times…with the deli clearly serving its army of regulars and the shop satisfying anyone stopping in for an Ireland fix.

Kerry, we’re sad we didn’t get to meet you…you’ve been perfectly charming in our email correspondence. Next time for certain!

We’re now back in Des Moines making our way north. We’re feeling the cooler air and not looking forward to life below the freezing mark. We’re only here the night, so no sites around Des Moines this visit.

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