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Crossing Utah

February 15, 2009

Utah, originally uploaded by IrishFireside.

corey says…Another day with lots of road time. We were surrounded by snow capped mountains for most of the day. Then toward the end of the day, the terrain turned dark red and rock formations started rising up around us. The contrast from blues and whites to reds and browns set the morning apart from the afternoon.

Aside from Salt Lake City and few towns along the way, there weren’t a lot of signs of people, which isn’t such a bad thing. We didn’t really spot anything particularly Irish-American, but I’m certain they are out there.

Gas was cheap in eastern Nevada and even cheaper in Salt Lake City ($1.65), so that is good news for our trip.

Tonight we landed a pretty nice room in Green River, UT, for quite a bargain…I’m not sure why the ceiling fan has no fins, but otherwise it’s very nice…with a good internet connection and the breakfast looks pretty good.

Since I’m “connected” again, I’ve posted a few more pictures…

Photos from Utah:

Photos from Nevada:

Photos from Lake Tahoe:

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