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Four Hour Hike and Some Treats

February 6, 2009

Palm Canyon, originally uploaded by IrishFireside.

corey says…we had an absolutely gorgeous day for our hike in Indian Canyon/Palm Canyon – temperatures in the 70s – light breeze and wonderful sunshine.

Once we got off the more popular short trail, we had the entire place to ourselves. We didn’t pass another person until we came upon a Canadian couple at the end of the hike. They asked if we knew the way to the Trading Post. Fortunately we did. They had gotten a bit turned around and weren’t sure which way was the shortest route…and they had been hiking for an hour longer than we were. They were wonderfully friendly and all four of us admired the views as we returned to the parking lot.

One strange thing that occurred on the trail was the unusual rain that was coming down while we had complete sunshine above. It was raining on the mountain, and the wind was picking up the droplets and sending them our way. It was like having a cool mist blowing down on us whenever we got warm. Perfect.

We DID NOT catch any leprechauns in the canyon.

After our hike, we went into town and enjoyed CactusBerry frozen yogurt. Mmmmmm…. perfect after hike treat. Then, as we walked downtown, Liam spotted a sign for reflexology, a type of foot massage. The storefront had a display highlighting the techniques used.

Liam has been talking about a foot massage FOREVER. So when the young woman came out of the shop and handed him a coupon, I insisted he go in and try it.

An hour of foot pampering later, and Liam couldn’t stop praising the joys of reflexology. He loved it!

Now it’s time for dinner with my uncle Dave and Tom. Gotta go.

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