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Palm Springs

February 2, 2009

corey says…We are in Palm Springs visiting my uncle Dave and Tom this week, so we’re taking a bit of a vacation from our vacation by staying put for a little while. I’ve got a few videos ready to get posted and we have a few things planned, but we won’t be keeping the pace we have for the last two weeks. Whew.

Today we stopped at an RV park nearby…research for a future trip, but it was more of an RV Vacation Club type of place. I could see the saleswoman salivating as she tried to get us into the hard sell room. We’ll do a little homework before we let any “closers” try to talk us into buying into one of those.

Tip to sales people…don’t leave “The Art of Selling” book on the chair when you walk away. It kind of counteracts your efforts to make us feel like we’re your “friend.”

It’s been great visiting my uncle…we’ve been catching up. It’s been six years since I was out here last. Weather is amazing…high 70s and sunny.

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