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Mermaids & Mariners by Anne Roos – Giveaway Day 2

December 2, 2008

Anne Roos Celtic Harp CD &
24-Page Hardcover Book
“Mermaids & Mariners”

Today’s prize features the beautiful Celtic Harp music of Anne Roos and her CD/Book “Mermaids & Mariners.”

Tunes about the mysterious draw that mermaids and the sea have on mariners. Traditional and original music arranged by Anne for both solo Celtic Harp and Celtic Harp within a small ensemble of instruments. This beautiful CD filled with sea ballads and shanties is packaged inside a 24-page, hardcover book containing a bounty of illustrations and tales about life at sea and the lost loves of those who sail on its waves and swim at its depths.

This recording also features Dorothy A. Hawkinson on fiddle, Alan Fuller on guitar, Michael Frost on viola, and Riggy Rackin on concertina.

It’s available at for $17.95.

This prize goes to Maggie Hume from Clifton Park, NY! We’ll be seeing a few other gifts from Anne later in the month, so if you weren’t picked, there’s still another chance to win.

Tomorrow’s gift: somethings for you to wear. Not signed up? Visit

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