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The Green Blur Tour of Ireland

November 11, 2008

Been there, done that! Over 30 years ago my husband Barry coined the term “Green Blur Tour” when we did just that in Ireland. Each night was in a different place. We would drive and sightsee from dawn to dusk. Only when it was getting dark did we even start looking for a place to stay. Instead of telling us what their breakfast hours were, the B&B owners made the mistake of asking us what time we wanted breakfast. When Barry replied, “6:30,” their eyes rolled back in their heads at the thought of getting up and feeding two Yanks at that ungodly hour. (The Irish are not early risers.) But they did it.

Okay, we were in our 20s and full of energy but even then the Green Blur Tour of Ireland was a bit too much. We saw Ireland through the windshield of our car whizzing past us in a green blur. Fortunately, we learned that is not the best way to see the Emerald Isle. Now we are much older and wiser. We have slowed down and learned to enjoy Ireland. Instead of having a “must see” list where the only goal is to cross things off, we have a “less is more” philosophy when it comes to seeing Ireland. The country is so jam packed with interesting, strange, beautiful, historic and quirky things to see and do it is impossible to accomplish everything in one trip. If you can slow down and spend a few nights in each spot – with a few one-nighters thrown in for spice – you will avoid the green blur and add greatly to your enjoyment of Ireland.

Learn from my mistakes. I have.

Michele Erdvig

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  1. November 11, 2008 8:50 PM

    Hear, hear, Michele. I’ve had green blur moments, but fortunately, haven’t had the blur for more than 36 hours at a shot. I’ve cut my general “travel” pace by about a half and still think it’s faster than Ireland should be experienced.

    We once drove from up near Glenveagh, Co. Donegal back to Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, via the Cliffs of Moher in one day. That was so foolish. We arrived at the Cliffs with just a sliver of light and had to drive the rest of the way home in the dark.

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