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Irish Car Rentals Drops 70+ Age Limits for Rentals

November 8, 2008

Because Irish Car Rentals was challenged over their ageism policies they have dropped their surcharge of €25 per day on drivers between the ages of 70 and 75. They will now rent to drivers over 75 provided they fill out a Driver Safety Assessment:

Australian Anthony White was charged a surcharge in 2006 and subsequently contacted Irish Car Rentals and the Equality Authority in Ireland with his complaint. Irish Car Rentals agreed to drop their over 70 surcharge and their ban on drivers 75 and older. The Equality Authority is now urging all car rental companies to drop their age-related policies.

Michele Erdvig

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  1. November 8, 2008 3:09 AM

    corey says…Thanks for the update. This has been talked about for a while within Ireland because Irish citizens over the age limit were also subject to the charges when they rented as well. It looks like it takes an overseas visitor to really stir things up though.

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