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54 Using Mobile Phones Abroad

August 2, 2008

Episode Guide – Podcast #54 Using Mobile Phones Abroad

A look at mobile phone options for those traveling to Ireland as well as some listener mail and a song from Craic Wisely. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON below to listen.

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Show Notes

Intro – Opening song: “The Devil’s Bit” Theresa Larkin and Noel McQuaid

Episode #53 covered the iPhone & photoblogging in Ireland

01:04 Summer E-newsletter has been published

Liam’s Photoblog from Ireland

Listener Mail – Tom and his dream of owning an Irish cottage with a garden, Jeff is on his first visit to Ireland, Diane wonders about locations in Waking Ned Devine.

Mobile phones are better known as cell phones in Ireland

Should you break the wireless tether or stay connected? I say, if you can go without, you should

Most common reasons for wanting a mobile phone in Ireland: keeping in touch with family and friends, emergencies, making reservations, conducting business

Three mobile options – using your US-based phone with an international plan, using an Irish-based carrier, renting a phone in Ireland

USING YOUR U.S. BASED PHONE – It must be compatible with the European network

Most US carriers charge a monthly fee, plus per minute rates (usually $1-2 per minute)

Smart Phones with email and internet usually require an additional data package for use abroad

Advantage is that you won’t miss any of your usual calls…things will be just like you were at home – Disadvantage can be the per minute rate and in some cases unexpected charges

PAY-AS-YOU-GO PHONE from an Irish-based carrier

You can get set up at a mobile phone shop where you can purchase a phone, SIM card and top-ups

If you bring a phone from home, it must be unlocked to be used abroad – often available on ebay or you can pay to have them unlocked

Per minute rates usually run 10-50 euro cents ($.15-.75) for calling Irish numbers – Mobile to Mobile calls might cost more than mobile to landline calls

Advantage is that you get a real Irish phone number, great for making calls within Ireland, phone default to emergency numbers – Disadvantage is that people who call you from home must call internationally.

RENTING A PHONE IN IRELAND – Pat Preston turned us on to this. You can use the company she recommends by visiting and cliking on her Links page

Renting can be a good idea for most travelers (the company Pat recommends has FREE incoming calls)

Vodaphone, O2, Meteor, Three – all have good coverage

Voice over Internet (VOIP) – need internet connection

Note that the Republic of Ireland (011) and Northern Ireland (44) are two different countries and have different country codes and although your phone will likely work seemlessly as you travel between the two, you may need to dial different prefexes.

It is illegal to use a cell phone in Ireland while operating a vehicle

Liam’s Photoblog from Ireland

Music courtesy of Liam the Extra Large Leprechaun. Interview with Liam. If you’re in Grand Rapids, MI, visit Lynch’s Lair

Craic Wisely and their song Pride

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