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53 iPhone in Ireland

July 23, 2008

Episode Guide – Podcast #53 Using Your iPhone in Ireland

Corey has returned from Ireland and he’s sharing some of your comments and feedback. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON below to listen.

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Show Notes

Intro – Opening song: “The Devil’s Bit” Theresa Larkin and Noel McQuaid

Preview of Episode #54 Using Mobile Phones in Ireland

iPhone Coverage in Ireland uses both O2 & Vodaphone
The Irish landscape can inhibit coverage
Drivers are not allowed to use mobile phones while driving

Calls – International plans range from 99 cents to $1.99 per minute
Available Features
International Assist
Visual Voice Mail

Why AT&T advises users to turn off their iPhone when not taking calls

Internet and Email
Our “Edge” network coverage
iPhone 2G vs iPhone 3G

Mapping Features
Maps are often labeled by townlands
Map View vs Satellite view
Visit Google Maps to sample

WiFi Usage
Free WiFi at Shannon Airport (not free at Dublin Airport)
Free WiFi access in Ireland is limited
WiFi in Hotels and B&Bs – Realize there may be passwords, dead zones and technical difficulty

Data Roaming OFF or ON

Easy to email photos
Liam’s case study – anniversary gift & Father’s Day

iPhone 2.0
Apps Store
Liam’s iPhone photo gallery
Liam’s PhotoBlog using the Flickr App
Blogging with the iPhone –
Photo blogging: Clare Glens and Dingle Boat images
Limitations of the camera

AT&T service 1-800-331-0500
AT&T/iPhone Billing
Checking the usage status right on the iPhone

3G? & using the iPhone in Ireland and around the world

Close – “Wissahickan Drive” Theresa Larkin and Noel McQuaid

NOTE: Shortly after recording this episode, there was a problem with our bill. Although Liam set up his international data plan for 3 months, AT&T somehow turned it off somewhere between days 30 and 40. That bill just arrived and included expensive per KB data roaming charges.

Fortunately, a call to AT&T quickly remedied the situation.

NOTE 2: It’s a year later, and the exact same problem occurred… the international data plan was turned off after 30-some days. A call to AT&T turned a $550 bill into $120 (Liam went slightly over the data limit of his plan… even though he was diligently checking his usage on the AT&T MyWireless Mobile App – it’s always about 48 hours behind).

Although no one from AT&T would acknowledge the “auto-reset” of the international plan as a known “glitch,” I suspect their system automatically “resets” international data plans after the first full month’s billing cycle (the dates on my bill seemed to reflect this).

Anyway, I hated having to make the call, but it was fixed before I hung up and I didn’t have to argue with anyone.

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