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Hunt in Limerick

June 22, 2008

Mast Over Limerick

corey says…The wind was howling last night! The gusting and rustling woke me at about 1:30am, so I closed the window. Then at 3:30am, my bedroom door kept slamming shut and then blowing open. After the third bang, I opened my eyes. The window was open again! My brain started running a mile a minute trying to remember if I closed the latch or not. After a few minutes, I convinced myself I must have not latched it, and the strong winds edge it open again.

I got up and locked the window this time, but still questioned how it could have opened…strong wind and all.

In the morning, the wind was still blowing and the yard was covered in leaves and branches. Once side of the car was covered in green and brown flecks, and the wipers worked double-time scraping away the debris.

Pat was planning to spend the day with Liam’s cousin Mary, and I had plans to join Liam and his guests for lunch at the Jasmine Palace’s giant buffet. I dropped Pat off at Mary’s and wasn’t allowed to leave the yard without coming in.

I was given a whiskey, and Mary immediately began preparing a lunch for us. I insisted that I couldn’t eat and let her know my plans. Mary’s response, “Ah, but you won’t be eating for hours.”

“Mary, I’ll have a plate of food in front of me in forty-five minutes.”

“Ah, but you’ve got a long drive ahead of ye.”

“Mary, I can’t.”

“Well, then maybe ye should walk into Limerick to build an appetite,” she said with a smile.

She wasn’t taking no as an answer. I ate my bowl of soup, one piece of meat, one potato and dessert. Satisfied that I had tasted a bit of everything, Mary allowed me to leave.

Mary’s dinner put me a little behind schedule and fuller than I wanted to be, but I arrived at the restaurant just after Liam. Deb and Rick caught me up on what they had been up to. They were raving about the Bru Boru show they saw in Cashel. It’s been many years since I saw it, and it sounds like it is still a crowd pleaser.

As we ate, it appeared that the clouds had pushed to another county and the sun was coming out. Liam was planning to take them to the Dingle Peninsula tomorrow, so they had their fingers crossed for good weather.

After lunch, I walked to the Hunt Museum. Michele Erdvig from had raved about her recent visit and tour there, and for some reason, I kept missing it when I was in town. To my delight, the museum is FREE on Sundays (a €7.75/$12 value).

I asked about taking a tour. The woman at the counter told me she’d check on Noreen the docent and find me if there was a tour. I was inspecting the various drawers holding treasures in the first room when the woman from the front desk tugged my arm and let me know Noreen was on the third floor.

Her directions included, “you’ll see a set of doors that say ‘no entry’, but you can sure go in.” I found my way around the third floor, but there was no docent, so I decided to give it a go myself. A short while later, a security guard approached me and asked, “Are ye the lad looking for a tour?” He then led me to the basement where I was greeted by Noreen.

As we climbed the stairs to the first floor, the woman from the front desk met up with us. She apologized to me for sending me the wrong way and then asked Noreen if she should announce the tour.

By the time we reached the first room, there were about eight of us on the tour. Noreen took us around the entire building pointing out several of her favorite items, and sharing the odd story or two about the pieces.

The museum is very manageable and doesn’t end up going over the average person’s head. The collection is quite diverse, with items like ancient Greek pottery in one area, Mary Queen of Scots’ cross in another and a Picasso and Gauguin slipped in for good measure. There was an amulet that belonged to the Butler family that was supposed to ward of sickness in cows…a old miter and crosier from a prominent Irish bishop…and some fashion designs by Sybil Connolly.

The time passed very quickly and before I had a second look at everything, the chime sounded and a voice announced the museum would be closing in ten minutes. I ducked into the gallery in the lower level to see the fashion in Irish art exhibit. I had to rush, but I liked how they expressed the fashions of various time periods through portraits. That exhibit is on through the end of August.

Afterwards, I did some computer work before returning to Mary’s. I arrived just as she was putting on the tea…more accurately, a full meal. We visited for a while and her son Tim speculated that I must have caught my cold in Cork…and must have been up to something for it to make me so horse. His theory was that I participated in one of the giant nude photo that a famous photographer was taking throughout Ireland…it’s been in the news a lot this week.

Afterwards it was back to Doree where I went for a walk and then got ready for bed.

This Week’s Photo Album

My Ireland Expense Report

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  1. June 24, 2008 1:10 AM

    Hi, Corey,
    It is hard to believe that you are heading home on Wednesday. How well you have fit into the Irish lifestyle and become one with the local people of Co. Tipperary. They will miss you too!! I have really gotten used to reading your daily Blog reports and it has been like being in Ireland, too, for me. I’ll really miss your Blog when you get back to Milwaukee. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take up a bit where you leave off, starting when I arrive in Ireland on July 9. I don’t know if I can keep up as well as you did once I get on the road heading around Ireland with the tour, but I will give it a go – you have inspired me since I see how useful and addictive your Blog has been for me – I hope I can provide a similar joy for you and others.
    I am glad to see that you enjoyed the Hunt Museum – it is a favorite of ours (great cafe there), too, just like the Chester Beatty. It is fun to see that the same places appeal to you too.
    Do hope that you are feeling better and enjoy every second of your last 24 hours in Ireland. May the sun shine warm upon your face and may the road rise with you. Safe and happy travels to you….

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