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On the Mountain

June 21, 2008

Foxglove After A Day of Rain

corey says…Finally a restful night’s sleep. Since my night in Cork, my sinuses and sore throat have been waking me up several times in the night. Last night, I slept soundly, and although I’ve still got a stuffy nose and a chesty cough, I feel rested.

Oddly, my restful night came on almost the shortest night of the year. We were driving home from Tony’s at 11:30pm and a sliver of sunlight could still be seen on the horizon. Summer’s long days in Ireland are simply amazing.

This morning I dropped Pat off for her day with Anna Mae. After a short visit, I was off to Nenagh to get some work done…I had lots of research and uploading/downloading to do. It was rainy pretty hard all day, so it made computer work a little more bearable.

On the way back home, the rain had cleared, so I decided to go home via Silvermines and the Step Viewing area. With the rain, there was no one else going up the mountain. I parked at the car park for the trail and took a short walk along the forestry road.

I didn’t go far because there was likely going to be more rain on the way. Instead, I walked to the edge of the hillside and took in the view. There were dark clouds above with several breaks revealing a blue sky. Almost directly in front of me, I could see several fluffy white clouds hovering over Silvermines village. I was at just the right altitude to be looking at them straight on.

My hike only lasted about forty minutes, but the fresh air felt great. Then I drove down the other side of the mountain. The Mulkear River that cuts through Glown Valley was bulging from the rain. There was likely five times as much water passing through it than usual. Since it was coming off the boggy hillside, the water was the color of tea from the acidy, peat-rich soil.

I arrived at Mehal and Anna Mae’s to enjoy a cuppa before it was time to leave for mass. Liam had joined them for a meal in Templemore…and they were still raving about it. It’s not often he gets to join us when he has guests at Knockahopple, but today they wanted to kick around the house.

On the way to mass…this time we were going to Kilcommon…we stopped at Liam’s to drop off his phone. He told me that our neighbor Mikey had brought an American guy by who was looking for his ancestors. They came out of Cuneen just down the road. Liam was thrilled to be talking to him, but wasn’t able to chat too much because his guests were about ready to get out of the house. Liam passed along his email address and hoped the fella might contact him.

Just through word of mouth, the locals were already trying to figure out which house his family would have come from. Cuneen is a very specific area, so this guy was definitely on the right track. He was at a disadvantage though…his last name was Ryan, and he didn’t know his family’s tag name.

In these parts, Ryan is such a common last name, each family takes on a tag to identify the many Ryan families…most of whom aren’t related to each other.

Mass in Ireland was a typical rural mass…lasted about 35 minutes, most of the men sat in their cars until two minutes before mass started and all the responses were starting before the priest finished his part.

At one point in the mass, the sun started shining through the windows. It took everyone by surprise and the priest even stopped to make note of it.

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