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Nuns on the Run

June 10, 2008


corey says…Report from 9 June. This evening, Tony and his guests Patti and JoEllen stopped by for a visit. The two women used to work with Tony birthing babies, and he was giving them a full-on Irish experience.

I plied them with cider…which they enjoyed… “it doesn’t even taste like alcohol.” That, my friends, is its danger!

Shortly after they arrived, Liam’s cousin Mehal showed up with neighbor Tom. A few days before Patti and JoEllen’s arrival, Mehal planted the seed with Tom that Tony’s visitors were ex-nuns…runaway nuns, as he called them…but they were out of the convent and looking for husbands now.

Tom, not sure if he should believe the tale or not, would be the type of person to believe it “just in case it was true.”

Mehal was in rare form and was sure to ask the ladies about their travels with questions like “Did you enjoy Glental Abbey?” and “How do you find the Irish men?” Tony, being in on the joke, chimed in, “Oh, the abbey brought back memories for them…” and “They’ve decided they either want to marry a hurler or a farmer.”

It didn’t take long for the ladies to start playing along with the ex-nun schtick…they had no idea where the joke was going, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. JoEllen stated that she didn’t like that the convent made her cut their hair…it took two years to grow back. Patti mentioned that since they left the convent, they’ve had to really watch what they ate because they didn’t have the habits to cover any “extra” weight.

Tony was sure to mention that they were never Mother Superiors favorites, and one of the ladies went so far as to say the hardest adjustment was getting used to wearing underwear again. The talk was outrageous, but Tom was still willing to believe it…why would these nice nuns have any reason to lie.

It was great craic as Mehal announced, “I’ve never had this much drink with nuns before…in fact, I’ve never had this much to say to nuns either.”

The night continued with spooky stories of ghostly appearances, banshees and creature that will pull you into the bog. The nuns enjoyed the evening very much, but the evening had to come to a close as Tony was taking them into Dublin the next morning. Tom was invited to be a “chaperone” in Dublin, but he promptly refused.

Tom dislikes Dublin. When he was there, that’s all he saw was people in the street with shopping bags and sitting in the restaurants sipping tea…from that he deduced that “no one works in Dublin,” and, thus, he didn’t like it.

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  1. Patti permalink
    July 16, 2008 5:10 AM

    Nuns on the Run :0
    What a clever story you have written about our visit! All that cider makes me wonder if any of the statements were true!
    I keep reliving my whole Ireland experience and feel very blessed to have had the chance to be a part of other friends’ lives so far away (Thank you Tony!!!!). Thanks Corey and Liam for being a part of a wonderful event.
    With love,
    Sister Mary No Panties!!!

  2. July 16, 2008 6:44 PM

    Glad to hear you have such fond memories. And I’m happy the blog is part of your re-living the trip.

    We need to all get together again with some cider and have some more good times. We’ll all wear underwear though 😉

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