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Gaeney’s Farewell

June 10, 2008

Gaeney’s Bib

corey says…Report from 8-9 June. Since it was Gaeney’s last evening in Ireland, we were invited to Liam’s cousin’s for tea that evening. As we walked up to the door, Liam’s cousin Mehal asked, “Have you Scissors with you?” He was referring to Gaeney, for her family name is Ryan-Scissors…the tags were added to the Ryan names because it is such a popular name in this part of Tipperary. There are the Ryan-Captains, the Ryan-Bolands, the Ryan-O’Briens, the Ryan-Cooles and several more. In fact, if one Ryan married another Ryan in these parts, it’s likely they are not related at all.

Anyway, being referred to as “Scissors” warmed Gaeney’s heart…it was her connection to the mountain.

Shortly after we sat down, Mehal brought out a hand towel and wrapped it around Gaeney’s neck and clipped it with a clothespin to hold it in place. He was teasing her for the glass of Bailey’s she spilled all across her shirt on her arrival. It brought on a hearty laugh by all of us. And to get the last laugh, Gaeney wore the bib the entire evening.

The visit was a trip down memory lane with all of us recounted our travels of the last three weeks, and the family history being recounted. “Scissors” announced that she just might be back…she wouldn’t let her 87 years slow her down. Mehal declared that if nothing else, she needed to return for his 100th birthday party…only 28 years away.

A few tears were shed in the haggard before we pulled away.

In the morning, Gaeney posed at the halfdoor with Milton the chicken (a Knockahopple tradition) and signed the guest book. Then it was off to Shannon Airport.

Gaeney’s guestbook entry:
“Liam – Just ‘Thank You’ seems hardly adequate for probably the best ‘holiday’ I or anyone else has ever had!! IAs I told you, after I talked to you and did decide to come to Irleand, it was with considerable trepidation that (at Mary’s (Gaeney’s daughter) persistence) I continued to make plans and preparations!

Now – with no regrets and only humble gratitude that I thank you, your mom and Corey for the past three weeks of my long life.

I may “never go here anymore” but will always have wonderful memories of my “Fatherland.”

God Bless you – will he always be in my prayers!!

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