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Funeral Mass & Buffet

June 10, 2008

Wall Detail

corey says…Report from 8June. A few days ago Liam’s cousin asked, “So what are yer plans for mass this Sunday?”

“Ah, we’ll go to Glenstal and then off to the Jasmine Palace.”

“Oh,” he paused. “I’ll be at Kilcommon mass on Saturday as usual, and then to Curreeny mass on Sunday.”

“Twice?” Liam asked.

“Ah, yeh,” he nodded. “It’s Peggy Maloughney’s first anniversary mass on Sunday.”

Liam knew that was Mehal’s subtle way of saying, “you should really consider going on Sunday.”

In Ireland, Anniversary Masses celebrating someone’s funeral are quite important. Peggy’s mass was no different, and as neighbors, we knew it would mean a lot for us to attend.

I never saw the little church in Cureeny so packed…they even filled the gallery. Peggy’s family did the readings and the priest said several special prayers for Peggy and her family and everyone who knew her and everyone who helped out with the anniversary. Even with the extra prayers, mass still only took 40 minutes. Afterwards, everyone congregated outside the church and greeted the Maloughneys.

The thing that impressed Gaeney most was that the closing hymn was that they sang “Holy God, we praise they name” as the closing hymn. “They don’t sing that song anymore back home!” she declared.

After mass, friends and family would either be invited to the Maloughney’s or a pub for a feed. We would have been welcome to join them, but we had our reservations made…plus, because we aren’t here year-round, there would be no offense in us not attending.

We were then off to Limerick to the Jasmine Palace restaurant on O’Connell Street for their Sunday Chinese buffet. The first thing we noticed was that the sign outside had changed.

Did this mean they remodeled again? As soon as we walked up to the entrance, we knew they had. The walls were covered in beautiful new tiles and the giant stairway to the restaurant was marble. This was the fourth complete remodel we witnessed in the last 12 years.

The consistent change keeps the place looking very good. However, this time the made the mistake of putting in light grey fabric chairs…bad move, because the seats show dirt and food smudges. The redecorating was extensive, with even the bathrooms getting an overhaul and a relocation…and they always have amazing bathrooms.

The most notable change was the addition of a giant glass cabinet filled with wines that ran the length of one wall. It almost made me want to buy a bottle. The place was a hybrid of nightclub design and fine restaurant. The atmosphere had a bit of a Posh Day feel to it…even though it was a buffet.

We’ve been going for years and have never been let down. And today was no different. We started at the starters counter. Soups and spring rolls and salads…there were at least ten perfectly prepared items to choose from. Then, as if we hadn’t already satisfied any sense of hunger, we bee lined for the mains.

A dozen chaffing dishes lined the wall each holding two entrees…except for the one holding the rices and one with chips (crisps). Yes, even chinese food comes with chips here. There were at least four chicken dishes, four beef, four prawn (shrimp), plus, duck and pork. It was an unbelievable feast and every bite was delicious.

Onwards to dessert…the dessert table is too much. They have an insane assortment of cheesecakes, tarts, cakes, custards, fruit, and they serve entire slices…not just nibbles. Every items looks wonderful, and it is at that moment, I wished they only served nibbles, so I could try every single one.

We rolled out of the Jasmine Palace and headed home so Gaeney could pack.

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