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Closing Out Posh Day

June 9, 2008

O’Connell Sunset

corey says…Report from 7June. Posh Day came to a crashing end the moment I strapped my bulging backpack to my shoulders and stepped out into the busy street facing the River Liffey. The sun was blazing down, but thankfully it wasn’t too hot.

I coursed my way along the Liffey battling the crowds of people who all seemed to walking in the opposite direction as me. I saw loads of people who appeared to be lost. I gave directions to an Italian couple looking for the GPO (General Post Office), then pointed out the Ha’ Penny bridge to a German couple who were standing right next to it, then heard an American girl say, “hey, let’s go to the Temple Bar.” Itsounded liked she didn’t know it was an entire area as well as a bar.

I continued on and found myself tangled in pedestrian traffic on one corner of the O’Connell Street Bridge and had to step in front of a teenager to finally break through. Once I got further east of the bridge, the traffic began to taper off, and my walk to the bus stop got much easier. A block away from my stop, I saw the bus waiting and was reassured that at least I’d be leaving on schedule.

Buses in Ireland are very self-serve with the bus drivers assisting you only after you ask. I pulled open the latch for the luggage compartment and the large door yawned open. There were already a few bags inside, and as I loaded my backpack, I was reminded of the recent Irish crime spree in which a teen was stowed in a suitcase, placed in the luggage compartment of a bus. He then emptied the bags of valuables, climbed back in the suitcase and was carried away with the loot by his accomplice.

Once onboard, I called Liam to let him know when I’d be arriving in Nenagh. No answer, but I left a message. I continued to call from the road and had no luck, so I called his cousin. She told me they were down at Kilboy Cemetery and probably weren’t back yet.

After the call, an alert came on my phone letting me know that I needed to top-up my minutes. Darn!

Well, I arrived in Nenagh on schedule and went right to the newsagent to top-up my phone. I continued to call Liam, but kept getting no answer. For two hours I wandered the streets…which were pretty empty this evening. Finally, I decided to head to the petrol station on the way out of town…figuring someone I knew might be passing by.

When I got there, I tried calling one more time. Ring. Ring. “Hello?”

They were home…and had just spent 2 hours in Nenagh looking for me. They HAD gotten my message, but somehow didn’t see me get off the bus. It was almost a comedy of errors. Alas, we all wasted a good deal of time…and Posh Day seemed like a distant memory.

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