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Posh Day Holdout

June 8, 2008

Polish Bakery

corey says…Report from 7June. After the Botanic Gardens, I found my way to Glasnevin Cemetery. The gardens and the cemetery butt against each other, but I had to walk around to get to the graveyard’s main gates.

Glasnevin is one of those great, old cemeteries, built when tombstones were monuments. The most notable feature is the Round Tower monument marking Daniel O’Connell’s tomb, but there are loads of Irish freedom fighters buried here. Since this was the major Catholic cemetery at a time when conflict was often high, several tombstone reflect a very patriotic theme. Men who died “for their love of Ireland.”

One can’t say for sure if visiting an old cemetery can count as Posh, but since I was eeking out some extra time for Posh Day, I decided that since it was MY Posh Day, I could include whatever I liked.

Then I walked back to the city. Again today, I took a different route back. Along the way I came upon Blessington Basin Park. It’s definitely a neighborhood spot with people evenly scattered around the square basin. Ducks and ducklings splashed in the water and climbed ashore the tree-filled island in the middle. Meanwhile, pigeons roosted on the fence that encircled the basin.

There’s nothing fancy about this park, but it still had a nice Poshness to it…it must have been all the people out reading and walking dogs and carrying shopping bags instead of briefcases.

The walk back to city centre seemed to go much faster than the walk away. At one point, I spotted a Polish bakery. I couldn’t resist and popped inside to see what gastro-treasure I could find. It was mid-afternoon and the shelves had some obvious bare spots, but there were still some beautiful items left for me to choose from.

I opted for something that looked like a pizza and a pastry with some kind of red berry inside. The young woman at the counter spoke to me exclusively in Polish. I knew my Polish numbers well enough to know how much money to give her, and I finished with a Dzjenkuje (thank you) and was out the door… Did I pass as Polish in Dublin? It wouldn’t be the first time this happened since I arrived in Ireland.

A few blocks away, I found a ledge on the sidewalk and I stopped to taste my food. I started with the pizza…it was a savory bread with cheese and a pesto-like sauce cooked in. It was quite tasty…salty with garlic… and the thin crispy bread had a nice texture. Then, I bit into the pastry. Delicious strawberry with a little bit of icing on top. Even if this might be considered peasant food in Poland, it was Posh Food today…partly because it was so tasty and partly because I was so hungry.

Between Smithfield and the Henry Street shops, I was walking through what is probably Dublin’s closest thing to Chinatown…however, it’s not very big and the Polish clearly have a footing in the neighborhood as well. The streets were pretty busy, and the closer I walked to Henry Street the busier things became.

It was Saturday in the city, and it was a day for almost everyone to be Poshies! Although for one to be Posh doesn’t have to mean they have to be spending money, today, it was clear that the Poshies were out to buy, buy, buy. Everyone had some kind of shopping bag in their hand….from a little plastic bag from a mobile phone store, to multiple department store bags hanging from their hands like marionettes.

Although I’m not a big fan of crowds, it was a bit easier to manage the scene when I thought of everyone as Poshies. They seemed much calmer and cheerier that way. I walked around the shops for a good while and then grabbed a gelato on Bloom’s lane before returning to the hotel to pick up my luggage.

Before I was about to let Posh Day end, I set up Posh Camp in the lobby. I sat in the comfy couch with my laptop in front of me and my bottled water within reach. Then, I answered a few emails, posted a blog entry and savored those last few bits of pure poshness.

My Dublin Photo Album

My Ireland Expense Report

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  1. June 10, 2008 9:22 PM

    Dear Corey,
    Really enjoyed reading about your Dublin adventures. You certainly walked all over – the best way to see and savor Dublin. I was particularly glad that you got to Bloom’s Lane, and I enjoyed your “posh day” reports when you were staying at the Morrison. I guess by now you are back in Tipperary – “posh” in its own special way.
    We were talking to a friend in Kenmare today, and heard that you are having really lovely weather. I hope there will be a bit left for us next month!
    John had a surprise party for me (actually for my web site – 10 years old this year) on Saturday and it was quite an event with greetings from people all over the world including you. Thank you so much, Corey, for your kind and generous gift. I am on my way now to a new Mac, but the trouble is that I have been doing too much reading (MacWorld) that I am beginning to think that a new iMac or a MacBook would be smarter for me than a MacBook Air. If you get an “Air,” you’ll have to let me know what you think.
    Hope you are having a great time – wherever you are.
    Kep up the grat Blog,

  2. June 10, 2008 11:09 PM

    I loved every step I took in Dublin…especially those on Posh Day 😉

    I am back in Tipp, and we’ve been very busy getting Gaeney packed and attending to various details and living with spotty internet connections. I’m hoping to be caught up with posts tomorrow some time.

    Congratulations on your website’s 10th anniversary ( I was thrilled when I heard there was a party in the works for you. Had I been in the States, I might have even been able to have worked a trip to be there. You’ve put in a lot of work over the years…and if getting a new computer meant that you could contribute even more, then Liam and I were happy to help the cause.

    I know what you mean about the MacBook Air. For my needs a MacBook is a better choice…because I need more memory and ports. Since my computers untimely death last month, I’ll be doing some shopping when I get home…and I’m also tempted by the iPhone…Liam has been using his over here and loving it.

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