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Skank to Swank – Let Posh Day Begin!

June 6, 2008

Back to Work

corey says…Okay, I could get used to this. I decided to treat myself today and booked at the Morrison. Wow! What a difference. The whole place is nicely designed and the staff (yes, they have more than one person working there 😉 are top notch and the whole place is absolutely silent.

My room is again on the top floor, but this time, I get to use the lift…in fact they have two! Everything is wonderful (even with my skewed judgement from my last two low-end places.

Just had to also make sure and wish my sister a happy b-day!

This morning I fled Brown’s Hotel and dropped my luggage at the Morrison. Then I walked all the way to Phoenix Park. It was a big hike, but the weather is glorious…especially after yesterday’s rain.

Phoenix Park is very nice, I had been there several times on the hop-on/off bus, but never stopped. On my way in, I was tempted to rent bikes at the place near the Hueston Station entrance, but decided to stay on foot. I saw the major monuments, but with no wayfinding signs within the park, I constantly consulted my map…and even still didn’t always know where I was.

After exploring the Wellington Monument, one of the barracks, the Visitor Centre and peeking around the castle, I headed back to city centre via the neighborhoods. Things were going very well until I entered a housing estate which was a string of cul de sacs…it was like one of those nightmares where every turn you make is a deadend. After about 45 minutes, I finally had backtracked to a road that got me out of there.

For those visiting Phoenix Park, I’d suggest stopping at the Visitor Centre first, so you can get your bearings…and a walk from City Centre is only for those willing to make a pretty hearty commitment.

I returned to the Morrison to check-in. It was wonderful to arrive with my luggage waiting for me in the room. Now, I’ve got some ideas to continue my posh day…I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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