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No Room at the Inn

June 6, 2008

corey says…It’s been such a beautiful day, I haven’t come inside long enough to tell you about my experience at the hotel.

When I arrived at Brown’s Hotel on Gardiner Street (don’t confuse it with Browne’s Townhouse on the other end of town), the gentleman at the desk told me they were all booked up. I showed him my confirmation…my deposit. He looked through his stack of papers again and found my booking and said, “We have no rooms, but if you would have a seat over there, I’ll try to help you.

I knew there could be trouble booking online…I tried to find Brown’s website, but the search engines only brought up various booking agents. I figured they must not have a full-on site. As I sat, I started thinking, “wait a minute, they’ve had my booking since 6:30 this morning (remember, I was up pretty early) and they never sent me an email or called me!”

As I waited, an American woman came up to the desk. Gave her name and insisted on getting a quiet, nice room. I looked around, the lobby was nothing special…definitely not the Ritz Carlton…I’m not sure what she was expecting the rooms to be like. As the clerk clicked keys on the computer, she repeated that she wanted a quiet room, a very quiet room, a room with no street noise. She was relentless, and the clerk knew as well as me that she wasn’t going to be happy with any room.

Well, she was checked in and back down complaining about her room before I even got word if I had a bed for the night. Finally, he found her another room (I have no idea how that room turned out).

Then he came over to me and let me know that he might have to book me into another hotel. Aside for making me wait for thirty minutes, he did a good job of handling the situation. He thanked me for my patience and asked that I wait just five more minutes.

Five minutes later I had a key and was heading up to the fourth floor…and there was no lift (elevator). The clerk opened the stairway door for me and I was greeted by some burgundy carpet with walls that were electric blue on the bottom and yellow on the top. Talk about color shock.

Up I went…the last flight of stairs were very narrow and the railing was pulling away from the wall. Then I noticed some wires…probably for phones…fanning out from a cord near my ankles. This place wasn’t scoring too high…but I had a room and it was about €60 ( $95 ), which was about as good as it gets for a single room in city centre 😦

The room was tiny with just enough room to pass around the bed and it smelled a little funny. The window was open and the buses and cars of Gardiner Street played a sour symphany throughout the room. Fortunately, the sheets were clean, the room was bright and I was just too tired to put up a fight.

The bathroom was standard size, and when I went to fill a glass with water, my feet got soaked. The drain pipe was completely disconnected from the sink. I went down and shifted it over…it still leaked, but not nearly as bad.

I didn’t even bother trying the TV…instead, I went outside and enjoyed a beautiful evening. The rain had stopped and it was great to be wandering the city.

I had dinner at Chanze Chinese restaurant on St Andrew Street. They had a set menu for €14 ( $22 ) and I got to choose a starter, main and dessert. The food was pretty good. They also had an all-you-can-eat buffet for €18 ( $28 ), but I wasn’t that hungry and wanted to save the money. The buffet looked pretty good…it wasn’t one of those massive buffets with yards and yards of chaffing dishes.

Then I walked around the Dawson Street/Saint Stephen’s Green area. Lot’s of nice restaurants down there. As I walked by the many nice hotels and guest houses there, I dreaded going back to my yellow and electric blue room with the hard bed and leaky sink.

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