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Rabble Rouser

June 5, 2008

Revenue Museum

corey says…Boy of boy, I really shook up the town today! I was asked to leave the Euro Saver store…This is one of those “Everything’s €2” shops. You see, I was carrying a drink in with me, and a security guard who probably just finished his leaving cert (high school) barreled up to me, cutting me off from any attempt to enter the store. “You’ll need to take that outside, sir.”

I really didn’t know what he was talking about until he repeated himself, “No food in here, sir.” It was no big deal, but he took his job so seriously I thought he’d initiate a throw-down if I took one more step forward.

It’s a bit funny to be kicked out of the Euro Saver because of the chance I’d spill…the shop has just as much merchandise on the strewn about on the floor as they do on the shelves 🙂

Spent the rest of the evening just wandering the city…although I was a bit tired from walking all day.

The area west of St Stephen’s Green has a lot of new restaurants since my last visit. It’s always been a nice area with some very nice hotels and guest houses, but it always seemed quite quiet in the evening…now it has more people out and about enjoying dinner (many of them higher end).

Dawson Street, right off of Grafton also has many nice places to eat…and it was buzzing with more Irish than could be found in and around temple bar.

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