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Dublin Bound

June 4, 2008

Going Wireless

corey says…I am on the bus to Dublin as I type this. My wireless broadband is working great, except trying to upload photos can be spotty because we’re driving in and out of coverage at times.

I much prefer taking the train to Dublin, but from Nenagh there is only morning and evening service, so the timetable is very limiting and at €27 ( $41 ), it’s much pricer than the bus. There are more trains passing through Thurles though.

From Nenagh, there are two bus services Bus Éireann and the private bus company JJ Kavanagh. Both are €9. The bus takes 3 hours during the day, but some trips save a half hour if they aren’t around traffic times…train takes 2 hrs 20 minutes.

I’ve traveled all three routes and I thought the Kavanagh buses were a bit nicer, so that is what I went with this time.

I also just booked my room at a hostel (wish me luck…as it is one I haven’t stayed at before). I learned a lesson though, for pre-booking with an American credit card, they added a €2 service fee for the reservation. I could have probably walked up and avoided the charge…but I could have also arrived and they could have been full. The hostel came to €10 a night for a 12-share room. I’m not looking forward to bunks, but it’ll do…and this place includes breakfast…we’ll see what that includes.

I must admit, I’m risking getting carsick from typing and riding, so I’ll have to report back tonight.

This Week’s Photo Album

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