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Bank Holiday

June 2, 2008

Liam at the Halfdoor

corey says…Liam had plans to take Pat and Gaeney someplace nearby like Bunratty or Holycross for a little trip today, but they both agreed that after five days on the road, they were content just staying home.

It’s the June bank holiday, and as the Irish were making special plans, we were having a holiday of our own up on the mountain.

While the ladies rested at home reading their books and lounging in their pajamas until after noon (this is truly a rare occasion for these two earlybirds), Tony called and invited us to join him on a visit to Liam’s cousins. He picked us up and had a nice long chat with them that included tea…and ham and eggs and coleslaw and lamb and beet root and tart and lemon cake.

When we returned to Knockahopple, Pat and Gaeney were still reading their books and doing crossword and sudoku puzzles, but earlier they had gone for a walk. I think they were perfectly content just relaxing.

I went back to Tony’s with him to help him with some computer/photo projects while Liam stayed with the ladies. After fixing them some dinner a few hours later, he came to Tony’s for a drink and to watch some TV. Tony has some guests arriving on Wednesday, so he also had us outline some of our favorite driving routes from the area.

This Week’s Photo Album

My Ireland Expense Report

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