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Angel of Armagh

June 1, 2008

Angel of Armagh

corey says…Today, Liam, his mom and I enjoyed our Armagh day. We pretty much stuck to the tourist trail, but in a place like Armagh, that’s not a bad thing. We had a hearty dose of history at the Saint Patrick Trian Visitor Complex ( The section called the Armagh Story was certainly the centerpiece of the complex’s three areas. Visitors are led through a series of displays, models, slides and recreations of the city’s past. The experience did a great job of holding my attention and the displays were beautiful.

We then stopped for rhubarb tart in the cafe before climbing the hill to the Church of Ireland Cathedral. This was quite an achievement for Liam’s mom, Pat, who is healing from the installation of her new hip. Part way up, we detoured to stroll the cathedral gardens and then continued to the top of the hill before paying the £6 ( $12 ) admission to take in the various monuments and sites within the church. The military chapel on one side displayed some very old flags that I found particularly interesting

We were then off to the Catholic Cathedral. After about 500 yards, it was clear that these hills were going to be too much for Liam’s mom, so we detoured to the car and drove to the other Cathedral.

There was a wedding finishing up, so we stayed in the back until the end. The Cathedral was beautiful and the head pieces once worn by the Cardinals were handing from the ceiling. That is one of those traditions that I always find interesting…especially when you can see the materials just barely holding together.

We returned to city centre and leisurely walked around the town. We asked several people for their suggestion on a place to eat, but no single place seemed to come to anyone’s mind…it seemed to either be the Armagh City Hotel for a big dinner or one of the cafes. We opted for sandwiches at Cafe Papa. It was a nice respite for us and the other shoppers in town.

We continued to wander around before going off to find a B&B for the night. We found one well outside of town and settled in for another night of Britain’s Got Talent. Tonight was the finale, so we simply couldn’t miss it. Of course our picks didn’t win, but, hey, we’re not British, so I guess we’re not qualified for judging 😉

This Week’s Photo Album

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  1. June 3, 2008 10:10 PM

    Hi Corey,

    Where did you stay in Armagh? Thanks for your blog and wonderful photos.


  2. June 4, 2008 1:50 PM

    We ended up heading out of Armagh and drove the countryside until we found a place. We ended up at An Teach Ban in Emyvale, Co. Monaghan. It was decent and a perfectly acceptable place to stay…We didn’t leave raving about it though.

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