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Music at the Mill

May 23, 2008

Fiddlers at Jim O’ the Mill

corey says…Today was a work day. I finished several projects while Liam took Gaeney and Pat to some local sites. They come home with holy water from the Kilcommon Prayer Garden and stories of the cairn and longstone in Rear Cross. Then the ladies had a little nap in preparation for our night out.

At 9pm, we headed to Jim o’ the Mill’s for the music session there. It’s less than 20 minutes away from Knockahopple, and Pat and Gaeney were very curious about this old-fashioned music session that Jim hosts in his home.

We were among the first to arrive. Jim’s wife Kay was lighting fires in the the sitting room when we walked in. Their youngest daughter Erin greeted me with a big, freckle-faced smile and updated me on the goings at school and with her friends.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the visitors arrived. Shortly there after the fiddles began to appear…then the accordion and the banjo. Gaeney and Pat had whiskey and water…I had a Coke.

Later, Tony and his parents arrived with our neighbor Pat. The musicians knew Gaeney had taught for a year in Armagh, so they played and sang the Boys from Armagh in her honor…she was thrilled.

Shortly after midnight we were on our way home…Tony and his family ended up staying after closing and left at 3am. I’m sure there isn’t much stirring in his cottage this morning.

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