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Medical Attention

May 21, 2008

Visit in Glown

corey says…Well, Liam is quite sick today. Apparently he’s had some kind of cold or flu for the last two weeks, but in preparation for the trip, he didn’t stop to see a doctor or to rest. Well, after the plane ride, he’s completely wiped out.

Fortunately, Tony is a doctor, and he stopped by to give him an “evaluation.” A nasty case of bronchitis. He then sent me to the chemist (pharmacist) in Nenagh with a list of remedies to pick up.

Pat (Liam’s mom) and Gaeney came along. Our first stop was the bank where Pat converted some dollars to euros. Then it was Gaeney’s first time using a money machine. She was giddy with all the buttons and the convenience. The people waiting in line behind us were very patient as I explained to her all the screens that came up. After she had her “play” money, we took to the streets.

We stopped at a couple of shops, including a little-bit-of-everything store where I discovered Tony’s neighbor works. She recognized me, and we chatted a bit. Then we popped into the chemist, then a news agent, the bakery, the secondhand furniture shop, the gourmet food store…and a few more. We finished up at Tesco for some groceries.

Back to Her Roots
Tony called while we were in the Tesco parking lot and invited us to come up for tea. To get to his house, we had to drive through Silvermines Village…the town Gaeney’s grandfather came from….meanwhile, her grandmother was from Nenagh. She had been there before, but she seemed just as excited to be there again.

We then climbed up the mountain. When we reached the viewing area, I stopped the car, and we got out to take a look. It was very windy, cold and slightly cloudy up there. However, even with the clouds, we could see all the way out to Lough Derg. Gaeney was taken aback by the view of the countryside and Silvermines village from up here.

It was now time to finish our pass over the mountain. The new car I picked up at the airport, doesn’t have nearly as much power as the first car I had…which makes me a bit nervous with the amount of steep hill climbing we require in this area.

Gaeney and Pat were a bit white knuckled as we came down the very narrow other side…especially when a car was coming up from the other direction at speed. I had to back up a bit…uphill…since the other driver refused to back down the hill. It wasn’t too much of a task, but so much for the courtesy of the person who can roll backwards doing the backing up.

We finished up the drive with the double-switchback in the road…which is a bit frightening even for me. Moments later, we were enjoying a whiskey with Tony and his parents.

From there, I called Liam and he was feeling a bit better, so I drove to Knockahopple and picked him up. Once Liam was there, we enjoyed poached salmon, sandwiches, crisps, crackers, cheese and a few other goodies before digging into the cake from Collins’ Bakery that Gaeney bought in Nenagh.

Stuffed, we drove back to Knockahopple. There Liam, Pat and Gaeney reminisced about their hometown. I’m not from those parts, so I had no idea who and what they were talking about. I disappeared into the other room for a bit to do some reading. A few hours later, they were still talking about Ishpeming, Michigan…I think they could go on forever.

There’s quite a contrast in weather from last week. While I was wearing shorts and sunglasses all last week, this week is very windy and much colder. Thankfully, there hasn’t been much rain though.

This Week’s Photo Album

My Ireland Expense Report

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Netta permalink
    May 23, 2008 2:39 AM

    So glad Liam is feeling better. Being sick makes for such a waste of time! Sounds like the weather is gonna break tomorrow. 70’s will bring many smiles to many peoples faces. The drivers there sound like you don’t mess with them. Pat, it’s so good to hear you’re having a ball. I am so enjoying keeping up with all the adventures. later,netta

  2. wakako permalink
    May 24, 2008 7:42 PM

    I hope Liam feels better by now… Sending the southern California happy wind toward your way:)

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