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Welcome to Shannon

May 20, 2008

corey says…I’m at Shannon Airport at the moment waiting for Liam, his mother and Gaeney to arrive. Traffic through Limerick was a bear this morning…loads of construction. It took well over an hour longer than usual to get here.

Alas, I allotted for extra time, and I needed nearly every minute.

I spent yesterday buffing and polishing and scrubbing in preparation for company. I forgot that a large tile floor can do quite a number on the knees without a cushion.

For a break, I walked over to Liam’s cousin’s and had tea and a chat. They were thrilled to hear about my recent travels. They find it funny that the Americans tend to have seen more of Ireland than the Irish themselves…which it many cases is very true.

They told me our neighbor Tom is beside himself since Tony I told him Liam wants to start raising geese in the Knockahopple yard and wants to install a pond for them to swim in…”so they’ll be quite content paddling about.”

Tom is quite willing to believe anything we tell him, so we were wondering if he’d take the bait on this line of bull. He was.

Tom is especially concerned because when Liam is gone, he knows he’s the one who will have to take care of the birds…Tom used to raise ducks, and he had given it up and doesn’t want to return to it.

I’ll report back after my guests are settled in. According to the message board, their flight has landed. They should be through customs shortly.

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