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One-Eyed Bull

May 20, 2008

Exhausted From the Trip

corey says…After two hours of lively conversation, the house is quiet at the moment. Everyone has settled in for a post-flight nap. I’ll let them sleep for 2 hours before I start banging around the house. If they’re not up after 2 and a half hours, I’ll wake them.

The group reminisced about Gaeney’s last trip here and discussed the changes that have taken place since. And Gaeney told the story of how her grandfather ended up in America…

He and his friends went to a dance in a neighboring townsland, and on the way home, her grandfather…then a young lad…suggested they cut through the field.

The rest of the group said, “Oh no, Lord Donnally’s prized bull is in that field.”

“Ah, he knows my voice. He won’t give us any bother,” said her grandfather.

Well, he was wrong. The bull was clearly agitated at their presence. At one point, Gaeney’s grandfather threw a stone at the bull and put out his eye.

The next day the guards arrived at his door. The story goes that his mother packed up a few clothes with two gold coins and he and another friend associated with the offense were off to Cork on foot. From there they took a boat to England and later headed to the US.

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