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Lunch Atop the Devil’s Bit

May 13, 2008

Steak & Ale Pie

corey says…With a few hours before I had to touch base with my editor, I just had to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather.

I headed to the Devil’s Bit, near Templemore. This is the spot where it is said the devil took a bite out of the mountain and spit it across Tipperary. It landed on the site of the Rock of Cashel.

I parked in the car park and walked the trail through the field. It’s a steady uphill climb that quickly turns to forestry. The views from up there are gorgeous. Although the skies were bright and blue above, the moisture in the air causes there to be a haze in the distance. With each hour that passes, it’s likely the haze will burn off, and by 4pm, the view will be clear for miles.

There’s a circular tower on the way up the rock. As I approached it, a man was coming down the hill with his golden retriever. The dog was so excited to be out and about, he just made circles around me as his owner approached.

Once they passed, I had the entire Bit to myself. Just beyond the tower there is a Marion shrine. Once I got passed the shrine, the going gets a little more challenging with a rough trail and huge rock outcroppings.

On my way to the Devil’s Bit, I stopped at a petrol station and picked a Steak and Ale Pie and a bottled water to enjoy at the top. What a perfect lunch!

The climb down was quite steep and the rocks didn’t look like comfortable landing pads. It was as I looked over a 20 foot drop that I realized I hadn’t told anyone where I was going, and I left my mobile phone in the car. I broke two of my own rules. I was just so excited to be out in such fine weather, I didn’t even think about keeping myself safe. Alas, I made it back safe and sound.

The weather is supposed to hold for a few days…I think I’ll be heading off on a roadtrip after my deadline is met.

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