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Deadline Day

May 13, 2008

Nenagh Gaol

corey says…It’s been crunchtime for me on a few projects, so I’ve been running back and forth to the highspeed internet connection…my life would be so much easier if I could highspeed up on the mountain. Alas, they keep saying, “The lines are to be replaced next year.” They’ve been saying that for the last two years.

Anyway, weather has been fantastic for the last three days. The nights have been a bit chilly, but the sun warms things up a lot. Yesterday, the temperatures were in 70s!

After getting my work done in Nenagh, I met up with Tony for lunch and Andy’s…it’s kind of our regular lunch hang out. We were there at half-twelve (12:30), so we were way ahead of the Irish lunch crowd. As we were heading out at 1, the crowds started arriving.

I had some great photos from the Cormack Pageant on Sunday, so decided to get them printed and deliver them to some people in Loughmore. I didn’t really know the people, but I knew which house they lived in, so I just knocked on the door.

I recognized the guy who answer the door. We chatted very briefly, and I handed him the envelope. He was very appreciative…I think he’ll be very thrilled when he sees the photos of his family in there. He and his wife and their children were a very charming family, and they were in complete costume for the event.

I came home via Holycross where I stopped by the abbey. There’s a relic of the True Cross there, and it’s just a nice place to stop by. One of my favorite finds within the restored church is the wall with the faint remains of a hunting scene painted on it. It’s considered one of the mysteries of the medieval church…the people in the scene are in medieval dress, but no one knows why such a secular activity would be featured on a church wall.

I then stopped at the nursery in Dundrum to pick up a climbing rosebush for the cottage. The other rosebush is doing so well, that I think it need another one to balance things out.

I awoke to clear skies and warm sun today. The last few days started out foggy/hazy and then cleared up later. Today, it’s been clear from the very start.

Too bad I have to finish up my work today…it would be a perfect day for a hike. Maybe I can arrange things to squeeze in a small hike between change orders.

This Week’s Photo Album

My Ireland Expense Report

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