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No More Guinness At St James’s Gate?

May 8, 2008

Guinness – St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin
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corey says…Well, it’s all over the news here…Will international brewer, Diageo, stop producing Guinness at Dublin’s historic St James’s Gate Brewery? The big announcement comes tomorrow as the company announces it’s global plans…leading to speculation of consolidation for the company’s Ireland-based brewing operations.

Rest assured, there are NO plans to close down the Guinness Storehouse, one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions. In fact, no one in recent history was ever able to watch beer being brewed on the Guinness tour anyway, so that Dublin experience won’t change a bit.

The topic of Guinness provided a decent break from the coverage of Taoiseach (the leader of Ireland’s government) Bertie Ahern’s retirement and the new Taoiseach Brian Cowen promoting an “Island Economy” where the Republic and Northern Ireland collaborate on attracting new business.

I posted a short podcast episode this morning. Hopefully, I can get another one up in the next week or so.

In this episode I mention the “rare” hare spotting I experienced only moments before recording. Well, wouldn’t you know, when I opened the front door this morning, there was a hare right in the front yard. He darted away when he saw me, but I guess I can’t continue to say the sighting was all that unusual now that it has happened twice in four days.

You can check it out at
or on iTunes.

I hadn’t really seen Liam’s cousins in several days now, so I gave them a call to see if they were up for a visit. They most certainly were. Tony was to join me as well.

As we pulled in, Liam’s cousin Mehal was moving his horse from the barn to the field behind the house. Horse are beautiful animals, but both Tony and I aren’t used to being around them, so we’re both very cautious around them…we’ve heard enough stories of accidental horse-to-human injuries.

Having grown up on a dairy farm, I know that after a while you get to know the animals very well, and you movement around them comes much more natural, but until then, I’m going to be standing back.

Mehal was quick to tell Tony that he “looked stressed.” This was certainly setting up some kind of joke. In pure Irish fashion, this joke may take a day or two to play out.

Mehal was already taunting Tony that he probably shouldn’t have put up the gate around his cottage without planning permission from the council…they might make him take it down.

It’s all bull, but it also makes for a good laugh, and the Irish do love their craic.

Once inside the house, we had tea…with bread, ham, turkey, coleslaw, noodle salad, tomato, crisps (chips) and, of course desserts.

Liam’s cousin Mehal and a few of the neighbors had to go out after the tea to move a bull from one field to another down the road. It was a bit of a production as in order to move the bull, they had to move all the cows.

Once the bull was in the new field, they would then send the cows back to the original field…this is done because the bull would be “right cross” if you tried to separate him from his cows and send him in the road.

After the guys finished moving the bull, they came in and we all had a whiskey and several good laughs.

Unfortunately, over the course of the evening, it was clear that Tony was coming down with some serious congestion. Liam’s cousin Anna Mae found him some LemSip to help alleviate it, but I think he’s going to be in rough shape tomorrow. Let’s all say a little prayer that he can fend this off.

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  1. May 9, 2008 8:34 AM

    corey says…Just heard the news report. Diageo will keep brewing at St James’s Gate, but will be closing breweries in Kilkenny and Dundalk and moving production to a new facility near Dublin.

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