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Buzz Cut, Interview and Mary’s

May 8, 2008

Haircut in Ireland

corey says…It’s everyday things like getting a haircut that make my time in Ireland seem quite normal. Yesterday, I stopped by a haircutting shop. I had been to this place last summer…it’s near one of the shopping centres and up a flight of stairs. The women in the salon all wear black smocks with purple trip and the place has a black and purple motif. It’s nice enough, but somehow from the inside of the shop, I can just picture what the owners house looks like…somewhat trendy circa 1998 with black and silver silf flowers and generous use of mirrors as “accent pieces.”

My hair is much shorter than I usually have it, but that didn’t bother me…it just means it’ll last longer, right?

After the haircut, I went to my secret FREE internet spot and was interviewed by my college alumni magazine, Northern Horizons (Northern Michigan University). We used Skype, so the incoming call was free for me…which was good because the interview lasted an hour…I hope I didn’t just blather on without giving the writer good things to work with. Ah, she seemed like she was talented enough to make something of it.

I then stopped in the Feed & Garden store in town to pick up some more fertilizer for the spruce tree our friend Rudy planted at the cottage several years ago. The owner was on the phone when I arrived, and there were two people waiting before me.

I couldn’t see any specific products on the shelf for evergreens, but I figured I’d wait and see if he recommended anything.

When he finally got to me, I asked my question and he said, “Hmmph, let’s see here.” He walked over to the shelf and started doing the same scan of products I had just done. “Yer looking for a spruce tree, eh,” he said buying a little time as he looked over the shelves.

I knew that whatever he recommended I wouldn’t buy. I’ve been around the Irish long enough to know that if they’ve got to take that much time to come up with an answer, they really don’t know any more than I do on the matter.

“Now, ye could use this. Yeah, some people use this on their trees,” he said pointing to a box of fish bones, blood and something else. I don’t think he really knew at all.

I managed to get out of the purchase by saying, “Oh, I can use that. I have some of that at home.”

“Yeah, yeah, you can just sprinkle some of that around the tree.” He sounded almost grateful I let him off the hook.

When I got home, I called Liam’s cousin Mary in Toor.

“Now, Corey, when are ye comin’ to see me?” was the first words out of her mouth.

“Well, Mary, I could come tonight or tomorrow. When are you available?”

“You can come tonight. Half seven would good.” Then as if remembering that I might not be on Irish time (which is always 20-50 minutes late), she said, “More any time between half seven and eight.”

I called Tony and invited him to come along. I arrived first and had Mary to myself for about 20 minutes. Then Tony arrived. We chatted, drank a whiskey and 7Up and Mary’s son Tim arrived.

Then Mary served tea, which was bread, ham, cheese, tomotoe, crisps (chips) and dessert. Yes, an entire meal. We left Mary’s shortly before midnight.

Today, Tony and I met surprised our friend Sheelagh and Rory by showing up at their usual breakfast spot in Nenagh, the pantry. It worked out well as our friend Theresa was also coming in this morning.

It was a great visit. Sheelagh and Theresa updated us on all the best music session in the area.

This Week’s Photo Album

My Ireland Expense Report

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  1. Netta permalink
    May 10, 2008 1:21 AM

    Oh, my it must be something in the air… I got the shortest haircut of my life on the 21st of April and my friends can’t belive that what I have has grown out 2 weeks. You are right though I don’t have to go back for quite some time. So I opt for my Tilley hat pulled down low ALL the time! You would think we were related or something!!!!!!!! Enjoy the great weather, MOM

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