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Wanted: Experienced Dishwasher – Must Appreciate Old Irish “Stuff”

May 5, 2008

corey says…At first it sounded like a simple job. Wash all the dishes in the cottage. I started with the plates, teacups and saucers on the press. Things didn’t feel too out of hand.

Then came the stemware. Various sizes and shapes…each demanding to be quickly hand-dried to prevent spots.

This job was getting annoying, but I hadn’t even started the silverware yet…or the egg cups…or the mixing bowls…or the pots and pans.

It took two shifts to get those done, and I thought I was in the home stretch. But then I looked around. Liam has every corner filled with antique soup tureens, old pitchers, teapots, creamers and sugar bowls that belonged to relatives long passed. Platters from the old woman down the road, a relic gravy boat he scored at a boot sale (Irish flea market). Somehow, the cottage has more dishes than Pottery Barn and still manages to avoid looking cluttered.

Well, it took two more shifts to get those done…and I had to be especially careful. Each one of those was between 50 and 150 years old and I couldn’t easily find a replacement.

It’s not 11pm, and I’m finally done. My dishpan hands are having some trouble typing all this, but I’m managing.

Now, I realize, it’s pretty hard for anyone reading this to feel any sympathy for someone who gets to spend their summer in Ireland. But this is just my evening chore. Because of the fantastic weather, I’ve been rushing to finish my “real” work in the morning. Then working outside in the yard or out and about running errands in the afternoon. Then, when the sun starts to go down, I get to pretend I’m Cinderella.

I can tell you this, any “glamor” of a summer in Ireland has already worn off for me 😉

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