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Wake Up Sleepy Head PART 2; Limerick Awaits

May 3, 2008

Wallpaper Samples

corey says… “I’ll be at your house at around 8:30,” I told Tony as we left Mehal and Anna Mae’s last night. The forecast wasn’t promising for Saturday, so we made plans to drive into Limerick to do some shopping.

I got home and tried to tidy up a bit before going to bed. With so much running around this week, I’ve got various bits of clothing scattered throughout the house; drawers left open after my hunts for screwdrivers, tape and supplies; and chairs in the middle of the room from changing the batteries in the smoke detectors.

As I swept some turf dust from the floor, the thought came to me that I hadn’t been eating many fruits or vegetables since I arrived… I’m not sure what sweeping and fruits have in common, but that’s what I thought about as I emptied the dustpan. So, I scavenged around for something a bit more on the healthy side.

I found a jar of prunes, opened it and ate three pieces of fruit…nothing like a good dose of fiber to make sure the plumbing continues to work well. Shortly after stowing the remaining prunes in a plastic container, I was off to bed.


At 3am, I awoke from a sound sleep. I closed my eyes and pretended that my sleeplessness was just a dream, but it was no use. I buried my head in my pillow almost hoping I’d suffocate myself to sleep, but that didn’t help. Then I started thinking of all the things I wanted to get done this week… there was no hope of falling asleep now.

I flipped up my laptop, checked email and made a few minor updates to the website. At about 5:30am, I was feeling tired again, so shut down the computer and dozed off.

When I opened my eyes again, I looked directly at the clock…9am. I was already a half hour late! Tardiness is not standard operating procedure for me, so fumbled my way down the ladder from the loft and called Tony. No answer. Oh dear, he was probably on his way to see why I hadn’t been over to collect him yet (that’s what I would most likely do in that situation).

I began stripping off my night clothes en route to shower. It was a quick rinse and a speedy shave, and I was out the door.

Tony wasn’t too concerned that I was an hour late…he must be on Irish time already 😉


We were then off to Limerick. The outskirts of the city have become a cluster of shopping centres, and there was one I knew about that Tony hadn’t been to yet. We decided to start there.

It’s obvious the Irish are keen on spending their euros on home decorating and yard projects because at least 75% of the new stores specialize in home decorating or home improvement… and many in both.

Things were pretty quiet when we arrived, but with it being the big bank holiday weekend, things were really hopping after lunch.

One thing these new shopping centres haven’t mastered yet is convenient restaurants. A few stores have small cafes in them, but it was going on noon, and we were both hungry. Our choices in the neighborhood (if you can call it that)… KFC and Pizza Hut. Not the Irish cuisine we would have preferred, but Pizza Hut was our choice for the day.

We arrived just before noon, but neither restaurant was open yet…that’s very Irish…lunch (dinner) starts at 1, so noon is quite early for a meal. However, the five or so people standing outside the restaurants didn’t seem to think so…maybe they were among the many Polish immigrants, who, like the Americans, prefer lunch a little earlier. We opted to visit one of the stores and returned at 12:30.

€19 ( $29.57 ) for a large basic pizza and €2.99 ( $4.64 ) each for Diet Pepsi (with free refills). Yes, Pizza Hut tastes the same in Ireland as in the US.


As Tony inspected the lampshade department, I found myself entranced by a collection of vintage wallpaper. I’m not sure of the era, but the large graphic floral designs and old-fashioned colors were a pleasure to look at. Plus, the stores displays were very nice as well. My photos show a lot of reflections and don’t quite get the colors right, but I think the montage I created gives a sense of what I saw. My internet connection is too slow to see if the store has them posted online, but their website is

I stopped at few electronics stores. I can’t help but wander through the gidgy-gadgets.

Our final stop was TKMaxx…it’s exactly the same as TJMaxx or Marshall’s in the US, but the name is different.


I’m not sure where that nasty weather they were predicting went. Today was the nicest day yet…and I’m not complaining. Tony and I both agreed we couldn’t spend the afternoon indoors. So while he planted the lavender he bought today (do you have any idea how many different types of lavender there are???? We learned about at least five of them today), I went for a walk to take a few photos.

It was absolutely gorgeous out! Blue sky, cool breeze, warm sun. Perfect.

This Week’s Photo Album

My Ireland Expense Report

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