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My Own Irish Fireside

May 3, 2008

My Irish Fireside

corey says…The temperature took quite a dip this evening. It all started great… even the day’s strong winds couldn’t hinder the blue skies and warm air. But the breezes stayed strong and when a couple clouds came out at about 5pm, the temperature dropped quite quickly.

I don’t mind it though, I put down a fire and ate soup. I can hear the wind whirling up the chimney and every once in a while the windows will rattle slightly. Other than the wind and the fire, everything is completely silent.

My face feels a bit wind burned. After dropping off Tony, I spent several hours in the garden planting out the last of the leafy bits. As I was digging around I found that last year’s calla lilly and dahlia bulbs will likely flower again this year. I also found the first sprouts of nettles…OUCH…my right wrist still burns a bit.

I also made a special purchase in town today. A raspberry bush. Liam’s dad had great success with his raspberry bushes back in the States, and I thought Liam’s cottage needed one of its own. I planted it on the bank behind the house next to the currant and bushes.

Now I think it’s time for me to do a bit of reading by the fire.

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