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Gaeney to Return to Ireland

April 17, 2008

Gainey Ryan

liam says…Well, some great news was confirmed today. My dear friend Gaeney Ryan-Pellow and my mother will be joining me in Ireland this summer.

Normally, the comings and goings of my guests are kept private, but Gaeney is a very special person. Almost 13 years ago, she and her friend Lawlor were my very first guests at Knockahopple Cottage. It was Gaeney who sat me down on her last night in Ireland and told me that showing people “the real” Ireland was my calling.

At the time, I wanted to believe she was right, but I had no idea how I could possibly make it happen. Now, I’ve got a successful B&B/touring business and the Irish Fireside Podcast…and I can truly say she was RIGHT! Sharing Ireland IS my calling!

Now, I’m excited because after 13 years, Gaeney is returning to Ireland for what she calls “one more visit.” We’ve got plans to see some gardens, visit her friends in Northern Ireland and have an all-round good time.

I get excited about every single guest, but Gaeney’s visit has a very, very special meaning to me. In a sense, she steered my life in a new and wonderful direction. And, hey, maybe if you’re lucky, one day I ‘ll tell all of you the story of Gaeney and the chair. The tale still makes me chuckle.

In the meantime, you could sneak by my website to read about Gaeney’s first visit and the story of Knockahopple Cottage…

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