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Money Saving Booklets

March 25, 2008

corey says…There’s nothing like a few coupons to thrill a budget traveler, so I thought I’d hook you up with some publications that offer coupons for some of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations. Pat Preston from offers the Glimpse of Ireland coupon book at her website for $13.95. You can get details at money_savers_ireland_at_a_glimpse.htm

Heritage Island also has their touring guide that gives an overview of their listed sites and various coupons for presenting the booklet. That one will set you back €5.99 (that’s about $9.33). Check it out at

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  1. Jim permalink
    March 25, 2008 4:22 PM

    Thanks for doing the great pod casts on iTunes. I look forward to hearing the stories and songs. I plan to travel to ireland in July, for the first time. Actually I’ve never been on a plane before. My wife and I are celebrating our 25 th anniversary. I thought the podcast on money and travel was very informative. Too bad the dollar is so low right now.

  2. March 28, 2008 6:35 PM

    Thanks for the feedback Jim. We just posted a new episode and the song in this one is especially beautiful.

    Congrats on the anniversay…if you can handle being married for 25 years, you can handle an airplane ride 😉

    Pat Preston at just wrote a post on her blog about the dollar/euro issue ( It’s a bit of a continuation of the interview we did with her last month.

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