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Planning a Trip to Ireland

February 18, 2008

Near Knockahopple

Originally uploaded by IrishFireside

corey says…It’s been a busy week here at the Fireside. We posted TWO podcasts… PARTS ONE and TWO of our interview with the Ireland Expert Pat Preston. Everyone seems to be very happy they got a mega-Irish fix this week from the Irish Fireside.

I also booked my tickets for Ireland…I’ll be over there for most of May and June. Meanwhile, Liam will be there Mid-May to Mid-August. We’ve both been feeling a little homesick for the place lately, so it’s nice to have firm dates.

Liam and I did a little homework on our next episode…I’ll give you a hint, it’ll have some Irish dance and music in it. We also started working on a special treat we’re planning to have ready for Saint Patrick’s Day…sorry, no spoilers posted just yet 😉

I’ve also been uploading all our photos onto Flickr. With over 300 pictures from this summer, it turned out to be quite a chore, but it wasn’t too bad. The slideshows on Flickr should load a bit faster than the current photo albums, but it might be a while before I convert everything over. You can click “Photos” on our main page for the old albums or check out our Flickr albums. I’ve also been toying with a few ways to change our blog format, but changes to that won’t happen for a few weeks yet.

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