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33/34 Ireland Expert Pat Preston

February 11, 2008

Episode Guide – Podcast #33 & #34 Ireland Expert Pat Preston

We welcome a very special guest, Ireland Expert Pat Preston. In this episode, she shares with us all kinds of details about Irish travel. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON below to listen.



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Show Notes PART 1

00:00 Intro – The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin

00:15 Welcome

00:45 Thanks to Jen from Hartford, WI

01:10 Ireland Expert Pat Preston

02:00 Interview

02:15 Pat’s October Trip (read her blog from that trip here)

10:30 How did you get your start in Irish travel?

15:25 Ireland Memories book

16:20 Farewell – We’ll have Part 2 up in just a few days!

Show Notes PART 2

00:00 Intro – The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin

01:40 & Pat’s Q&A Forum

04:48 Money Saving Tips

  • Check the Ireland Expert Money Savers Page – CIE is offering $200 Off tours
  • Check the Ireland Expert Hot News Page
  • Check the Ireland Expert Forum
  • Travel in the Off Season – July and August are the most expensive
  • Be Adaptable – have flexible travel dates – Sat & Sun flights might be more expensive
  • Seek out bargains – search internet, sign up for e-newsletters, contact tourist offices, check newspaper ads
  • Book Airfare Early – up to 330 days ahead
  • Ask for Discounts – seniors, AARP, AAA, government, military, et al
  • Join Frequent Flyer & Frequent Stayer Programs
  • Enjoy DIY Meals – shop supermarkets and delis for picnic lunches – saves time and money
  • Book an Escorted Tour – especially for a first trip – includes transportation, accommodation and many meals for one upfront price

10:48 Pat’s April Tour – 10 spots left

13:58 Join the join the community

14:48 Check out our e-newsletter

Closing Song – The Coming Spring performed by Theresa Larkin And Noel McQuaid

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