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Back in the USA

October 21, 2007

Gap of Dunloe
Slideshow of photos from Oct 17-21

corey says…After getting back from County Kerry, the next two days were a whirlwind of cleaning, packing and visiting. There will be new guests arriving at Knockahopple shortly, so I had to make sure the place was all tidied up for them. It all looked pretty good when I left.

The weather held out right until the moment I left. What a difference from the weather from this summer.

My trip to the airport was uneventful. It was Sunday morning, so traffic was pleasantly light. I went through my usual Shannon ritual…return the car, get in the Aer Lingus line, go up to the cafe, go through security, get my tax refund, shop duty free, go through customs and get ready to board.

While I was waiting to board, the usual line formed the moment when an announcement was made. I’ve learned not to jump up at that time, as they do a security check of every carryon bag at this point. Those who get in line end up standing there for at least 15 minutes before it starts to move. Once moving, it goes pretty quickly.

While everyone was waiting in line, a plane of US Army soldiers was deboarding and walking down the glass corridor beside us. Many people waved to the soldiers…including the family right in front of me. I think the soldiers genuinely appreciated the gesture.

The stream of soldiers seemed to go on for a very long time, and as more and more passed the family in front of me became more and more enthusiastic. They started clapping to the oncoming soldiers. Then, they began to cheer. The gesture was well-intended, but it was starting to feel a little strange as the parents were becoming a little frenzied by the whole thing.

Their daughter, who was probably four, asked between hoots, “Are those the bad guys?”

Her mother answered, “Nooooo, those are the good guys. F*ck the bad guys.” She then looked up from her daughter, raised her hand and shouted “F*ck the bad guys. F*ck the bad guys! F*ck the bad guys!” She stopped just short of chanting the phrase. I have to admit, the scene was almost surreal.

We left Shannon on time, but a strong headwind meant our flight arrived in Chicago an hour late. Usually, we land earlier than scheduled, so I guess I was due for a long flight.

I’ll continue to put updates on the blog, but probably not daily. If you’d like to continue your Ireland fix, visit Pat Preston’s blog…she’s leading her 25th tour of Ireland this week.

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  1. November 7, 2007 10:28 PM

    Dear Corey,

    Now that I am back at home, I have enjoyed reading the rest of your Oct. trip Blog and glad to see you experienced the same good weather we had. Thank you for recommending my October Tour Blog to your readers. It carried on where you left off, especially with reports of the blue skies and sunshine!
    It was great that you got to see the Gap of Dunloe and Dingle Peninsula, since you had never been to them before. Sorry that your visit was so compressed, since the Gap really requires a full day and is best done by walking or horseback, and the best part about Dingle is staying for a few days to savor the ambiance in the town of Dingle, plus the great restaurants and pub music. However, at least you saw them (and in good weather), and will be able to linger more fully in the future. I was amazed at your adventure in the Gap of Dunloe by car – I never have done the Gap by car, only on foot, by horseback or in a cart.
    We went to Glenstal on Oct. 28, and all is well. Thought of you then, and realized we had just missed seeing you by a few weeks.
    Hope your April tour is booking well.
    All the best,

  2. November 9, 2007 10:29 PM

    It was definitely a whirlwind tour. Exactly the type of touring I try to avoid, but I was in Killarney to meet with a few people and added Dunloe as a bonus. I WOULD NOT recommend driving Dunloe during the high times, like summer or mid-day. It would be just too much work.

    April tour is coming together. We extended the early bird special until the Nov 15th.

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