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Horse Riding

October 16, 2007

corey says…Neighbors Pat and Mikey had quite a treat in store for Tony and I today. We were told to arrive at Pat’s at one o’clock this afternoon. I got there before Tony, so I was introduced to Paddy, a beautiful brown horse. Pat already had him hitched to his riding buggy and he said, “Now, Corray, get in.”

I, of course, did as instructed and off we were for ride through Knockahopple.

I have to say, I’ve been down the road through Knockahopple several hundred times, and it was a completely different experience from atop the buggy. Firstly, it was a glorious day…there was only a slight nip in the air, but the sun was bright and the air fresh. From the buggy seat, I was twice as high as I would have been in a car, so I was able to enjoy the view over the hedgerows. Then the quiet clopping of Paddy’s hooves and the relaxed pace just made the experience perfect.

Pat pulled the horse and buggy into the drive of Knockahopple Cottage, so we could get some photos to send Liam. Liam has ALWAYS wanted a pony and trap to ride up and down the road, so the fact that I was in his yard with Paddy and Pat would make him terribly jealous.

We continued to the end of the Knockahopple road, passed Bolingbrook School and onwards to the viewing area a Foilnamouk (sorry, I don’t know the right spelling…it means hill of the pig). When we arrived, Tony and Mikey were there waiting for us.

Pat unhitched the horse and let him eat some grass, and Mikey opened the boot (trunk) of the car and produced a tin of muffins, tea cups and a thermos of tea. “This is the Clifford’s AgriTours,” Mikey joked. We settled into the picnic area and enjoyed the view of the valley. It was absolutely perfect…good weather, good company and a fine horse.

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  1. October 18, 2007 10:33 PM

    I am beyond Jealouse…..It has always been a “Must do before I die” thing to do……ride with a horse and trap down Knockahopple Road. I am speechless….I am jealouse……I am so going to do that next summer…….Look out Mickey and Pat…….hitch up Giddy up….I’m coming home for a lift down the road through Knockahopple. ……… I have to pour myself a small one just to get over this……..Hell with it I’m going to pour myself a double.


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